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Bet For Free With Plumpers


Some guys don’t like plumper chicks. I do. I like them because they bring me good luck. When I am making free bets it isn’t enough that I get to escape the betting fees other sites charge. I have to win on the majority of my bets to come out ahead. With a nice BBW fatty sitting on my hips while riding my cock I can make my bets right from my cell phone. After I am done I will usually have her lay that chubby belly of hers on my face so I can tongue her belly button.

Sick? You know it!

BigCuties.com Cherries Before And After Photos

I know there will be guys out there that won’t understand my attraction to chubby belly girls like Cherries from Big Cuties. They will say things like she should have stopped while she was ahead. Some will say she looked better in 2008 than she does now. I have to disagree. She looks way cuter now. Her face, her curves, her chubby belly, she is a little goddess of love now.

Check her and her chubby belly friends out on BigCuties.com!

Having A Whale Of A good time

Don’t hate. We have all been there at the end of the night when the options dwindle down to one pleasantly plump babe. She wasn’t your first choice, but she certainly isn’t going to get away without getting speared either. The Lords Of Porn are serving up some succulent sushi with a side of fried rice. Make sure to wear a condom. We wouldn’t want little Shamu’s swimming around!

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