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How The internet is changing Our Perceptions Of sex toys

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Sex toys have been around for thousands of years. The oldest obvious dildo was a 20 centimeter replica of a cock found in Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. It was created some time around 30,000 years ago! Even older objects exist, but are not specifically shaped into a phallus so archeologists avoid labeling them as sex toys. Even though sex toys have been around since, forever, we still act as if only freaks use them even when studies show over 50% of women confess to using them. But even with all of the negativity thrown upon toys in the bedroom from generations past the tide seems to be turning.

By and far the Internet is changing our perceptions of sex toys and those who use them. The Internet is doing this in two different ways.

One way involves anonymity to the maximum extent. Curious consumers can search for quick and dirty toys or look up entire fetish lines without anybody on their block being the wiser. It is also possible now to order sex toys online and have them delivered in plain brown packaging.

The other way the Internet is changing our perception of sex toys is by having literally thousands of sites filled with great ways to use them. Everything from Youtube videos giving hot to tips and instructions for toys to hardcore kink sites designed for those into more hardcore niches can be viewed in private.

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