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Chubby belly babe abbey getting pointers from jade

Chubby belly Abbey gets pointers from Jade

Chubby belly babe Abbey has been interested in the bukkake niche for some time, but she never thought she was pretty enough for men to want to give her a facial. Especially in mass quantities. But she was so wrong. She relayed her feelings to her friend Jade and her friend set her straight. Guys are like dogs and they want to pee their cum anywhere and everywhere they can. They don’t care about a little belly fat!

Now Abbey is making the rounds at the British MILF bukkake parties and she is all the rage. Her big round face makes a perfect target for the men who fired long streams of jizz. Any and all drops get deposited on her more than ample chest.

Watch the entire scene here: http://www.britbuk.com/blog/abbey-charming-curvy-milf-loves-face-painted-cum/