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I like banging fat girls. There is something about their chubby bellies that turns me on. It isn’t like I want to marry a fat girl, or not get married to one, I just like having fun with them. They don’t judge you and they are up for anything. Often they are also starved for sex so they will fuck you right from the get-go.

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Throughout the ages girls have found some unique ways to take care of themselves. For any Asian girl with a cute face there is a simple way to make a lot of money. All  she has to do is give guys a handjob for money and if he is kind of cute, maybe fuck him for a bigger tip.

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Most people wouldn’t think about Samantha38g as an elderly woman because she started having sex in movies at a young age. She has since packed on as many years as she has pounds putting Samantha into the elderly chubby sex videos category.  Now her phat ass is taking up the entire screen and there ain’t no stopping her.

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When you find a good looking chubby belly girl like Hillary Hooterz you latch on and don’t let go. Girls like her are hot because they will do anything for the sake of doing it. Hillary licks some whipped cream off of her nipples before her boyfriend comes in and gropes those delicious boobies of hers. He doesn’t care that she is a little fatty. To him that is just par for the course.

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Maria Moore is what plumper passion is all about. She isn’t a girl next door by any meaning of the world. In the XL Girls world she is a Playboy model. The kind of girl no man that enjoys BBW can resist and hot enough to cross boundaries into fucking guys that don’t normally fuck far bottom girls.

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I know there will be guys out there that won’t understand my attraction to chubby belly girls like Cherries from Big Cuties. They will say things like she should have stopped while she was ahead. Some will say she looked better in 2008 than she does now. I have to disagree. She looks way cuter now. Her face, her curves, her chubby belly, she is a little goddess of love now.

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Don’t hate. We have all been there at the end of the night when the options dwindle down to one pleasantly plump babe. She wasn’t your first choice, but she certainly isn’t going to get away without getting speared either. The Lords Of Porn are serving up some succulent sushi with a side of fried rice. Make sure to wear a condom. We wouldn’t want little Shamu’s swimming around!

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With the Winter Olympics in Sochi in full swing I thought it fitting to mention heavenly plumper Brooke and her chubby belly friend Jolie as they frolic in the snow. Don’t worry about these two catching cold they have plenty of natural protection from the elements. They could last all winter long without batting an eyelash or losing a dress size.

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