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These Chubby Sluts Want It Bad

I love plus-sized women. They are more fun to fuck, more fun to spank, just more fun all around. Plus, they’re great cuddlers. When my girlfriend and I fuck, we go at it for hours. But afterward, I need to play little spoon because she is so much woman that I have nothing left. She’s so big she just holds me like I’m her pocket-sized sex toy.

So yeah, I like them big. BBWs are huge (no pun intended) online. And I bet you guessed that I consume a lot of BBW porn. You’d be right. I have a big appetite for pornstars with those chubby bellies. I wonder if half their weight is from all the cum they’re swallowing on these sites. I wish I could just fuck their giant tits and blow my load on every one of them. But I’m a busy guy and I need to find the best deals on the best BBWs out there.

I did some research for you, and you’ll find lots of BBW discounts here. Enjoy!

Nova Cane Interracial Sex Video

Plumper Pass has lots of fuckable BBW babes to enjoy, but on my latest visit, I was totally hooked on Nova Cane. With her bright hair, bodacious curves, and bold tattoos, I could tell she was hungry for attention, so I was happy to give her mine.

Nova has two scenes inside of the site. I preferred the interracial action of “Addickted to Nova Cane,” but was bewitched by her look in “Meeting a Mermaid”. The mermaid scene has her decked out in a costume complete with fins and you will even get to see her swimming. When a man finds her on the beach, she transforms to a woman with legs and goes back to his place to fuck. Addickted is less steeped in fantasy and more about the awesome fucking and how much Nova loves taking that black dick.

To get into this site at a great rate, head on over to It will be easy to find Nova Cane once you are inside. Of course, there are lots of other plump goddesses to distract you as well.

Chubby BBW Pornstar needs every inch!

If you ever get the chance to get it on with a larger woman, don’t you dare miss out. I’ve been lucky enough to engage in sexual action with a bunch of chubby stunners and it’s been nothing but good times for me and my cock. There is nothing that’s off limits, the only thing is going to be can you keep up with them?

It takes just a few short seconds to discover fat pornstars online videos. These cock craving sluts are so hyped up for sex that they’ll do just about anything, or anyone for that matter just to have their pussies pumped to perfection.

The collection of action that the New Sensations BBW sluts where giving me was totally doing my head in. I’ve never had such pleasure and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to handle it all myself. Something tells me there’s plenty to go around so why not come and join in!

I Met My Favourite Librarian

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

I could lose myself in those tits of hers and just never again come up for air and die a happy man.

I’ve always been more attracted to the plumper girls while my mates always seemed to chase after the girls that were fashionable. They always seemed to be completely preoccupied by having to fit in.

Runway skeleton girls were what was sold by the media when i was a youngster and that’s all the guys chased and as a result every girls seemed to need to chase that unrealistic look that is completely against the grain of the natural ‘design’ of a woman.

I could and still can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want more women to hold on to, to fondle and caress. It always seemed so simple a deduction to me.

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Big Bellies & Bad-Ass BBWs

Belly rolls will jiggle with every smack of some guy’s ass. These bad-ass BBWs hold nothing back when they whip out a little femdom at BBW Sandwich. You’ll see some humiliation with these fat girls sitting on the faces of helpless dudes. When you grab your Plumperd Discount, you’ll get access to all four sites within the network: BBW Sandwich, Fat Sitting, BBW Fight Club, and Fat Mams.

BBW Sandwich has some extra fat babes engaging in all kinds of femdom acts, along with ass and boob-worship. These super sexy fatties enjoy dominating and banging any dudes who come their way. There is face-sitting, smothering, and forced threesomes. Fat Sitting is mostly about ass worship and face-sitting but the scenes are shot in splendid settings including outdoors. Chubby models wrestle it out on the BBW Fight Club and the winner fucks the referee. Lately, they have introduced Fat Mams; a MILF-themed BBW site for hardcore porn.

Have a look around at this hot BBW network and grab your deal to find some out-of-the box kinky shit that’ll keep you entertained for hours!

Chunky Chicks With Great Tits & Bellies

Here’s where you’ll find yourself in a wonderland full of girls that have a little more to love. When you get your discount, you’ll be saving 45% off full price. There’s over 900 hardcore videos of exclusive BBWs and hot action you won’t find anywhere else. When you grab this deal, you’ll also be getting completely free access to a bonus site: Feed Her Fuck Her.

Even if you’re not into the fat-girl/food fetish, the porn at XL Girls alone is well-worth the discounted price. You’ll lock in the price when you grab this deal so it never goes up on you. Updates are happening all the time because this is one popular site!

If you like big, bold, beautiful women that love to fuck, and perhaps stuff their chubby little faces while they’re doing it, then this is the place for you. Watch as each stroke of a cock causes an eruption of pleasure throughout he waves of these bellies and ultimately, exploding out the pink. She’ll be huffing and puffing for more!

It Takes a Real Man to Handle a BBW

What I love about BBW is that they have no inhibitions and that is a golden quality for good porn. More often than not they are eager and absolutely insatiable and for any many with a high sex drive, that is an incredible turn-on! brings an abundance of curvy women to the fore in a variety of way, despite the title. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of face sitting and cock riding involved, but not exclusively so, catering for even a wider audience. What is consistent throughout is that the ladies are gorgeous and plump.

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Check Out These BBW Discount Deals

Hey guys, like your women on the chubby side? Does a Chubby and Plump lady lead to you getting a chubby and pumping out a load? Well, our is the place to go to find some amazing deals on BBW’s, plumpers, fatties and chubby girls. Choose from any number of amazing sites, all with huge discounts or amazing Lifetime deals. From Plumpers and Big Women and Chubby Loving, to Young Fatties and BBW Charlie, the listing is exhaustive and the discounts are real! My favorites just have to be Plumper Pass, BBWet 4U and the amazing tits belonging to Cotton Candi XXX – simply awesome for the chubby lover like me!

BBW Porn Discount Plumper Pass


Here I was checking out this sweet plumper babe called Pippa, she was modelling on the beach and I must say she looks really good. She had one of her breasts showing and wow, they look like nice and juicy tits. The more pictures that they were taking of her the more frisky she was getting, before long I had the pleasure of seeing her totally nude. She is just one of the many larger girls that you can enjoy seeing by being a member of plumper pass.

If there is a network that knows how to expose bbw girls this is the one for me, you guys can enjoy all the content and watch the xxx videos in pure hd 1080p! If you act quick enough we have a BBW porn discount to Plumper Pass for you to use now, it saves you a huge 10 dollars on a 30 day pass to the site. Browse through 400 plus extra sized girls, download their content and more. Plumper Pass is a smorgasbord of entertainment .

Free BBW babes On Italian Porn Tube


I bet you didn’t know that Italy is home to a very large (no pun intended) BBW porn scene. You can find lots of chubby belly girls doing sex movies in Italy because they don’t seem to know that the renaissance has come and gone. Not that I am complaining. I like my bitches rotund and full of magic!

I say magic because all of that jelly rolling around in her insides ends up teasing your cock into submission. You cannot possibly hold back from exploding your load into her big belly. Not too mention she is wide in the hips so even if you give her twins or triplets you are in like Flynn.

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Get Your fill of amateur BBW porn

Amateur BBW porn

What the world needs more of is amateur BBW porn featuring true amateurs with jelly bellies. delivers with a slew of offerings in the BBW niche. They tackle the sites that other reviewers miss like BBW Girlfriends where you can find non-porn girls making whores of themselves for guys they shouldn’t be sending naughty pictures and videos to. Unless, of course, they want their pictures to go viral!

Porn World has 32 categories of porn to choose from. The BBW section is overflowing with 10 sites you might have missed elsewhere, but should definitely add to your list of porn sites to join before 2015 is done.

Don’t forget to check out the top hits page and the new porn sites page. Both have some hidden gems you won’t find on anybody else’s lists!

Chubby belly cam videos uploaded on Dutch tubes

Chubby belly cam slut video

In a world where everything is becoming less and less accessible it is nice to find  a live chat cam site where they have videos of the girls, fully nude, so you can see them in action before you invite them for a private chat.

As you might expect this is a Dutch porno tube with lots to offer and it is all free of charge. There you will find long videos with no edits; you will also find links to hot babes on cam with full nude previews; get used to massive daily additions to their huge catalog!

Should that not be enough to settle your appetite for porn you can always jump to and get your freak on with streaming Italian porno. There is never a fee for unlimited access to HD videos.

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Chubby belly babe abbey getting pointers from jade

Chubby belly Abbey gets pointers from Jade

Chubby belly babe Abbey has been interested in the bukkake niche for some time, but she never thought she was pretty enough for men to want to give her a facial. Especially in mass quantities. But she was so wrong. She relayed her feelings to her friend Jade and her friend set her straight. Guys are like dogs and they want to pee their cum anywhere and everywhere they can. They don’t care about a little belly fat!

Now Abbey is making the rounds at the British MILF bukkake parties and she is all the rage. Her big round face makes a perfect target for the men who fired long streams of jizz. Any and all drops get deposited on her more than ample chest.

Watch the entire scene here:

Your Own personal porn stash

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We all have some things we really like when it comes to porn, but that are so out there compared to our friends we hide it from them. Whether your obsession centers around chubby belly girls or around shemales with cocks bigger than your own you can avoid a lot of embarrassment by using the free OwnPorn tube.

Basically this site can be used as if it were your own personal porn stash. You don’t have to join anything or download anything. Use an incognito browser session and nobody will even know you like fatties.

Videos get updated daily and sorted by varying criteria like date published, longest running, top rated and most viewed. The new HD section contains lots of crystal clear movies so you won’t miss even a drop of that sloppy cumshot!

How The internet is changing Our Perceptions Of sex toys

buy adult toys online without fear

Sex toys have been around for thousands of years. The oldest obvious dildo was a 20 centimeter replica of a cock found in Hohle Fels Cave in Germany. It was created some time around 30,000 years ago! Even older objects exist, but are not specifically shaped into a phallus so archeologists avoid labeling them as sex toys. Even though sex toys have been around since, forever, we still act as if only freaks use them even when studies show over 50% of women confess to using them. But even with all of the negativity thrown upon toys in the bedroom from generations past the tide seems to be turning.

By and far the Internet is changing our perceptions of sex toys and those who use them. The Internet is doing this in two different ways.

One way involves anonymity to the maximum extent. Curious consumers can search for quick and dirty toys or look up entire fetish lines without anybody on their block being the wiser. It is also possible now to order sex toys online and have them delivered in plain brown packaging.

The other way the Internet is changing our perception of sex toys is by having literally thousands of sites filled with great ways to use them. Everything from Youtube videos giving hot to tips and instructions for toys to hardcore kink sites designed for those into more hardcore niches can be viewed in private.

Read more about your freedom to buy sex toys and make sure to capitalize on it!